Competition Rules


  1. A maximum of three substitutes are allowed and will be able to roll on and roll off. No more than 6 players are permitted to be on the field of play for any one team. Substitutes must stand behind their own goal. Teams can only roll on and off players when the ball is out of play.

  2. The game will be a straight 28 minutes. The team who wins the toss will start the game from the centre of the pitch.

  3. Shin pads must be worn in all matches UNDERNEATH socks. It is the player’s responsibility to adhere to these rules. UKPL staff and match officials will not be held responsible for any injury that may occur which could be prevented.

  4. Goalkeepers can distribute the ball by hand or with their feet.

  5. The goalkeeper must not leave their area. If they do, a penalty will be awarded. The goalkeeper may only leave his area through momentum only however, the referee shall be the sole judge of momentum. The referee will take into account the weather and pitch conditions.

  6. Attacking players may also enter the opposing area through momentum only however, the referee shall be the sole judge of momentum and the attacker should make every reasonable effort not to enter the area.

  7. Once the goalkeeper has passed the ball to an outfield player, that player cannot pass the ball directly back to the goalkeeper. An indirect free kick will be awarded 2 yards outside the goal area.

  8. The penalty taker is allowed no more than two steps before striking the ball. Penalties will be taken 2 yards from the edge of the goal area. The goalkeeper must remain on his line and not move until the ball is struck.

  9. The goalkeeper will restart the game after a goal has been scored.

  10. The goalkeeper must not hold the ball for longer than 6 seconds. A penalty will be awarded to the non-offended team.

  11. If the defender steps into his own penalty area (not pushed), then a penalty kick will be awarded to the non-offended team at the referee’s discretion. 

  12. When a free kick is awarded, the players of the offended team must be at least two yards away from the ball. All free kicks will be INDIRECT.

  13. Throw-ins will be replaced with pass-ins.

  14. No sliding tackles permitted. Player safety is paramount.

  15. Any player yellow carded will be sin binned for a period of 4 minutes.

  16. All red card offences WILL be dealt with by the UK Premier Leagues disciplinary team. A ban will be enforced by UKPL for anyone given a red card. The length of the ban will depend upon the nature of the offence. All red carded players must pay a fine of £5 within 7 days of the incident.

  17. The referee’s decision will be final. Following this, dissent towards an official or member of staff will not be tolerated and the appropriate discipline actions will incur.

  18. If a team does not turn up then the opposition will win 5-0.

  19. No players under 16 are allowed to compete.

  20. Teams who do not have a kit must wear similar coloured shirts. If they do not, then bibs will be provided by UKPL.

  21. Players cannot wear a cap, hat or jeans. No watches or jewellery are to be worn.

  22. A team can use no more than 2 ‘loan players’ per game. All ‘loan players’ should be agreed before kick-off with the captains, the referee and UKPL. ‘Loan players’ can only be used to make up the starting squad of 6 (not as substitutes). If UKPL thinks the result of the game will be significantly altered, then they have the right to refuse the ‘loan players’ from playing.